tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2016

Kurkistus Hamlet - Koko totuus -näytelmän harjoituksiin

Tällä kertaa kuulumisia linnasta englanniksi. Humakin tuotantoharjoittelija Franziska Rauch kertoo Grus Grus Teatterin ensi viikolla ensi-iltansa saavan Hamlet - Koko totuus -näytelmän harjoituksista.

Grus Grus Theatre brings Hamlet to Turku Castle – A unique theatre experience
These days something unusual is going on at the old castle of Turku. A big event is casting its shadows before! If you come at the right moment you could catch sight of skulls, swords and a contrabass passing the castle gate. At sunset Grus Grus Theatre claims the castle as stage to rehearse for their current production: Hamlet – the whole truth, starring Jaakko Ohtonen, Sofia Molin, Ishmael Falke, Markku Tuulenkari, Janna Haavisto and Jarno Sakki. The Turku based theatre company is directed by Ville Kurki who wrote the script with the group, based on William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

Hamlet - the whole truth is not a play where you only sit and wonder. It is a trip to the familiar and the unknown, exploring one of all time classical plays at the medieval site of Turku Castle. Grus Grus Theatres versatile performers and actors bring together both, new and old to tell the tragic story of the prince of Denmark.

Sofia Molin and Ishmael Falke

Jaakko Ohtonen

Jaakko Ohtonen and Janna Haavisto

Jaakko Ohtonen (in the center) is Hamlet

Hamlet will occupy even the walls of Turku Castle

 Skull(s) – During the show you will see more than one of them 

Don’t miss out on the unique theatre event this fall and get your tickets for the show in time!

Hamlet – Koko Totuus www.hamletlinnassa.fi
All presentations start at 19:00:
Premiere Thurs 29/09/2016
Sat 08/10/2016
Sun 9/10/2016
Wed 12/10/2016
Thurs 13/10/2016
Sat 22/10/16
Sun 23/10/2016
Wed 9/11/2016
Thurs 10/11/2016
Sat 21/01/2017
Sun 22/01/2017
Sat 28/01/2017
Sun 29/01/2017
Wed 01/02/2017
Thurs 02/02/2017

Teksti ja kuvat:
Franziska Rauch
Tuotantoharjoittelija, Humak

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